Between Football and Chocolate

©2006 Kev Gray All Rights Reserved


You see I really couldnít help it

The way you looked at me that first night in TPs

That violent fit in the game against Leeds

The way you danced that Latin beat and melody


No way that I could stop it

A thunderbolt from way uphigh above

It hit me hard, said my name is Love

You come with me


I love him more than I love chocolate

Thatís what she said Ė the world fell in surprise

Yeah, I got Morecambe- and he got wise

He brings the sunshine to my life


I love my pinkie on the market

I loved the way he dances, walks and strolls

I love the way he didnít sell hi soul

Kept it for me


You see they really couldnít help it

When Cupid comes, that arrow by his side

Donít try to run, no don't try to hide

Just sign a cross across your heart and hope to die


Between Football and Chocolate

They let past woe say its goodbyes

Soon theyíll be singing lullabyes

Thatís how it goes, Yeah, thatís how it goes.


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