©Kev Gray 2007


Into work at Eight, Back home at Nine

But no chance at all of popping to the pub

No game of pool, no pint


These are the new rules, To which we must abide

10 000 years abuse upon our shoulders

Now it`s payback time


Don`t Kill the Man You Love

No, Don`t Kill the Man You Love


Would you have loved the man he is today

Emasculated remnants of the Alpha Male,

Fetch, Sit, Heel, Obey


ItŐs a horror film, a generation on

`Cause too many children think Daddy is their Brother

As Mummy told him off again


ItŐs so insane

So donŐt complain

When you Kill the Man You Love

Time for a changeÉ


But donŐt say nothing

Or youŐll be the one to who pays

A one-bed apartment

or the roof of the Palace again


No football now

On your Saturday

Down at Mothercare with the other good Daddies

Does it have to be that way?


So look into his eyes

Look at his sad face

Vive la Difference better make a comeback

For the future of the human race


You married the man of your dreams

Then divorced him from his own

Perfectly fair it seems

To take away his kids and home

It hurts the soul


DonŐt Kill the Man you love

No, No, DonŐt Kill the Man you love

Please DonŐt Kill the Men you loveÉ



Notes on DonŐt Kill The Man You Love


I wrote this for my old friend, a victim of  the Ňmoral fashionÓ of Britain.


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