ŠKev Gray 2006 All Rights Deserved


How many times did I tell you,

That I was gonna break your heart

A pantomime, not a romance

A bad guy only playing his part

Yet you try and you try

Fighting the Tide, wasting your precious time


You thought I lied when I told you

That I would only break you in two

How many times through the curtains,

You saw someone that wasn`t you

And you cry and you cry

Wasting your time, Fighting the Tide


Right from the very start,

You dreamed of love

It was only in your head

Look back, you`ll see I only ever loved you

From the doorway to the bed


But how many times did you tell me

The platinum was on its way,

This summertime in the chapel

The Wedding March would finally play

Yet you lie and you lie

Wasting my time, dropping fine wine


Kevin Gray: I Should

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