Number 8

©Kev Gray 2008 All Rights Reserved

Album: Antidote


Heard it on the radio

Sitting waitiní by the phone

A No. 8


Choppers circling all around your home

People sitting all alone

It couldn't wait


And I still here you saying give me one last chance

Sometime the camera you know it lies

Please forgive me

Please don't leave me

I forgave you a 1000 times


So Iím listening on my radio

Tell tell me it isnít so

A No. 8


Harmonica Verse

Harmomica Chorus


TV shots time after time

On a girl pulled out but not alive

Looks like the ring I gave you

To protect you

Please God tell me the camera lies


So Iím turning off my the radio

Turning off my telephone

It couldn't wait

A number 8



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