Predictable Flea

Kev Gray 2008 All rights reserved


Predictable Flea that Jumps around

From Meishi to meishi, from dollar to pound

Your exit, A Way out, the easiest of all

Your job but a vehicle to set out your stall


Self-taught spider webs so easy to see

Lame Legged tangos towards Tiffany

The friends of your friends the bulk of your prey

The means to an end: no work and all play


An Offer, a glance, she never would spurn

From those in the circle of money to burn

But I myself was a pauper you see

Yet still only I loved predictable flea


now bitterness, sadness, sit on my lap

Lamenting the gulf In my fortune, the gap

From the zeros still missing from my salary

That would buy me the love of my predictable flea


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