Arrival Of The Prince

Kev Gray 2008

All Rights Reserved


The Arrival of the Prince, took your love from me

Nine months we had waited, for you to set him free

From the womb his first cry was my death knell

In the tomb of our love


A new woman was born that day, one I did not recognize

A mother not a lover, some stranger in disguise

Her love, She transferred to another man

Shed never known before

Just one look in his eyes


What has he done for you

What will do he do for you

Make your life complete

How can you say love someone that cannot yet even speak


An unformed mass of tissue, born before its time

Its head as soft as plastercene, more monkey than superman

Yet The Prince who in one smile took me from my throne,

The Prince who by law now owns my house, my home


Vehicles for DNA is the side Ill have to take

To keep my sanity from jumping - the bridge, the cliff, the lake

To leave Nature in its time of triumph would deprive it of its fun

Even though it no longer needs me, the battle already won


And so I laugh at the way its all panned out, how my lost love came to be

For a little man who just cries then smiles, and yet more and more..

You see more and more everyday

Hes just like me


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