Kev Gray 2006


Even the kindest heart,

Can shoot you from the sky, and down you go

I look at you, I see the sadness

Buried with the wrecks along your shore

Even the warmest hands

Can hit you from behind


I don`t know you

But you dont know me:

What are we to do


Even the softest wood,

Has knots that'll break your hands in two,

I found this out, maybe too late

Trying to search for what I lost before

Cause even the sweetest eyes, can mean The Bridge of Sighs

I dont know you:

What are we to do


Well, you say you cant stop thinking of me

But there`s something you should know about me

I've got a lot on my plate

Trust and have a little patience

I've got more baggage than a railway station

You say youíre love can soothe my hate


Even the sweetest smile

Can bite you in the heart and leave you sore

This I know, I learned the hard way

Stumbling like a fool, I know for sure

Even the kindest eyes, will cut you down to size

You don`t know me,

And yeah, I donít` know you:

What are we to do


You say u cant stop thinking 'bout me

But there's something you should know about me

I've got a lot on my plate

But if we spent a little less time kissing

You would know more of what we'd been missing

And that this love, should be our only fate



Even the sweetest eyes,

Leave you lost in tears down on the floor

If you know this about me,

Then I'll love you like I`ve never loved before

Even the kindest heart, can tear you apart


I donít` know,

Yeah, but you don`t know me

What are we to do


Kev Gray 2006


Notes on Little Bruised Apples


A song about trust.Look at the facts: The chances of a relationship working are under 10%. Would you bet your life savings, house, emotional security on such a bet? Millions do every day. Of all the things that separate us from the animals, it is our love of risk that makes the human species so fascinating.


(Trivia: Title is a parody on the Sinatra classic, Little Green Apples.)


Kevin Gray: I Should

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