Notes on Mississippi


Impromptu lyrics to an everyman melody. Iíd been humming this tune for years and made scratch guitar track in the studio. Vocalist Christy Strothers came in for the harmonies, and Arnie Baruch, the sax. We asked Arnie to come up with something as endless and timeless as the Big River.

Some reviewers say you have to be black to write and sing Gospel but thatís about as ignorant as saying you have to be white to write and sing Opera. In the words of the great Dennis Denuto Ė itís about the vibe.






©Kev Gray 2006 All Rights Reserved


Headin down to Canaan Land

Gonna see my girl OK

Yeah down in Miss

Gonna see my girl

Down in Mississippi Land


Gonna see the Lord

Heís waiting down in Mississippi

Gonna see the Lord

Hes waiting for me down in Canaan Land


Now your coming with me

Cominí down to the river

Coming back, Coming back to Canaan Land


Gonna take you down

Take you down to Mississippi

Weíre gonna go see the Lord

Down in Canaaan Land




Kevin Gray: I Should

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