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You were 16, through on goal

Last game of the season, decider for the throne

The sun shone that morning, with glory in your mind

You ran there smiling all the way

As Fate was always kind…


You looked up at the keeper – enemy in love

Sweetheart by the sidelines swore she loved you both

But the angels were on his side that day

You hit the ball low and hard but he made the wondersave

And the whistle blew, the whistle blew

And everyone looked -  and blamed you

One more chance

You cried and cried inside: Give me one more chance


Too many years later you saw them in the pub

A sparkle on her finger, he slept on his club

But she was no the angel that day

Took you for a dance, kissed you hard, whispered in your ear:

Wish he was you, wish he was you

As he awoke - and the fists flew

As you saw the stars, in one last glance

You swore she winked in semaphore: Give me one more chance


In carpe diem, shoot those who hesitate

But fools rush in… the great debate

Some live a life of What Ifs, some Je ne regrette rien

When Lady Luck comes smiling, just grab her while you can


A few months later an envelope arrived

A cordial invitation to watch them down the aisle

The congregation waited, as youstood there in the rain

You grabbed her hand, she turned and smiled, and you made the Great Escape

And the tyre blew, the tyre blew

And the angels looked down - and weighed you

Just one last chance

Spinning round and round you cried: Give me one more chance


And a voice said:

You know I tried my hardest to give you everything

Lovers, Persian carpets… it’s right there on a plate

But all I seem to hear is people curse their fate

Why am I so unlucky, I never listened to the snake…


But one more chance, you ask me now for one more chance

So take it here it comes your one last chance…

You’ll hear its footsteps coming

So remember, for the lovers in this world there’s always one more chance

For the fighters in this world always one more chance

You’ll hear its footsteps coming

Better take it when it comes…



Kevin Gray: Shipwrecked

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