As Time Kept Hurting Me
©Kev Gray 2008 All Rights Reserved


Will the Lord send an Angel to comfort me

Will the Lord send a sweetheart to rescue me


This I asked myself

As I lay on the shelf

With my wine and my whisky

While time kept on rolling, and hurtin` me

Yes Lord, just hurting me


When I aimed for the stars I couldn`t reach

Crushed all the flowers below my feet

All through my life was trouble and strife

Love was no place to be

From one to the next

They just kept burning the nest

Each one took a piece out of me

While Time just kept rolling, and hurtin me

Yes, Time,  it just kept on rolling, still haunting me

Yes, Lord, still hauntin` me


And as Time waits for no-one I crossed the sea

Over mountains and oceans I looked for peace

Thought I`d found it out West

That I was finally blessed

As I lay on that Great Prairie

Thought my time in the East

Would have conquered my beasts

But those demons, they still followed me


While Time just kept rollin`, and hurtin` me

Yeah, Time it just kept rollin`, just hurtin me

Yes Lord, still hurtin` me


So will the Lord send a sweetheart to rescue me

Will the Lord send an Angel, Please answer me


Thought my time was done, that my race was run

Life held no meaning for me…


Til Love came one morning, to set me free

Yeah, Love came a-calling, to set me free

Yes, Love set me free

Yes, Lord, it rescued me

My Love, has set me free




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