VOODOO DOLL (Once in a While)

ŠKev Gray 2007 All Rights Reserved


Once in a while, do you think of me?

After Jeremy Kyle in your morning of TV

Or does it  hurt you

Does it still hurt you

I left you lonely

Struggling with a baby


`Cos once in a while,

I`d love to see your pretty face again

Just passing by

Sit and drink away the night again

Just like old times


But 25, the thought of baby`s cries

Meant a long flight

Or you take a tumble down the stairs

Left high and dry,

No word of goodbye

Was the kindest thing to do


See, once in a while

I think I see your pretty face again

Just passing by

I hear a laugh that makes me smile again

On the escalators, when I`m at the train station

Riding on the subway, Standing at the check in

No, no, my dear, no longer hiding from you


Bullseye, on a photo cracked and dry

Oh tell me when, Did u take me off the dartboard

Voodoo doll, two pins in the heart

That rusted long ago


Cos once in a smile u showed me that you loved me

And once in a line I told you that I loved you

So once in a  while, I still think of you

Yes, Once in a sweet while

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