Working to Make a Dime

2011 Kevin Gray

Key of A




(Blues Harmonica)


In the morning, round about breakfast time,

In the morning,  I kiss my Darling Clementine

She says, Where you been Bird Dog?

I say honey - been working to make a dime


Sunday afternoon

Everybody lying in bed

Sunday afternoon

A voice playing in my head

Says, Where are you my man...

Sweet Lady - I'm working to make a dime


Come the evening, round about suppertime

Come the evening, she's on that telephone line

She says where are you bird dog?

I say honey - I'm just working to make a dime


After midnight, she 's on that whisky and wine

After midnight. she criiiess (to the night)- why o why cant you be mine

I just say Sweet lady -  I'm still working to make a dime

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